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It is very important for a Muslim that he understands what is in the Quran. He must strive hard to learn Arabic and know and memorize the meaning of the Arabic words in the Quran. With this website, you can study the Quran word for word. This site helps you memorize the meaning of each word in The Quran, and word by word online quran learning is made easy, all praises are due to Allah. You can highlight or underline words and track your progress, insha'Allah. SignUp/Subscribe Here.

Know Every Word

Mouse-hover on any word to know its meaning. Dive deep into any word. Click it and see the Lane's Lexicon pages with detailed explanation of the word.

Track Progress

Click on a word to mark as known. Highlight or underline any word. Add personal notes to a word. Measure percentage (%) progress.

Listen to Ayah

Click on an ayah (verse) and listen to the recitation, and thus fix your pronunciation.

Ayah Tafsir

Know more about the ayah. Click on the ayah number and go to Ibn Kathir Tafsir for that ayah..

The Noble Quran

The Qur’an is a revelation from Allah, the Almighty. Allah has revealed many books to His prophets and messengers, and Quran is the last and the final book from Allah. Other books that were revealed by Allah are Torah, Injeel (New Testament), Zaboor (Pslams) etc. But these book are not in their original form any more. People have added or deleted or modified many texts in these books. Quran is the only book that is preserved until today as it was revealed to Muhammad (peace be upon him). Quran is the most important book in a Muslim's life. We, Muslims, seek guidance and answers to our problems from Quran and another collection of books called Hadith. We, Muslims, recite from the Quran (in Arabic) during our daily prayers. Quran (the Arabic version) is the speech of Allah
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